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About us

Irene - the woman behind Handwritings


"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that's why we call it the present."

For me Bullet Journaling is about being mindful in my daily life. I appreciate mindfullness, as I run my dear - which is why you will always find a handwritten note from me personally, when you make purchases at Handwritings.

If you like to know more about my background and my interpretation of Bullet Journal system, I would like to recommend you to listen til the podcast Small Business Rising Radio Programme - Episode 10: How Can Starting a Journal Change Your Life? on Spotify. Alternatively you can find it on

On Instagram you can have a look on my own Bullet Journal, which has lots of Japanese elements on it. I love colours and cute stickers and tape; the pages are filled with my creativity.

I can be reached directly on the company's Facebookpage or on Instagram. You can also contact me on or send me a message at +45 6061 9229.

Sidsel - Productspecialist and founder of DailyDots


Navigating in Bullet Journal may seem like an endless jungle, hence I am ready to answer your questions!

My name is Sidsel and I am a productspecialist at Handwritings. I am quite active on social medias, so you may have encountered my name name or my blog,, in the past.

I am so into writing tools, and I have tried most of notebooks and markers on the market. Time to time, I find that some things are lacking n planner-community, and I'm not shy to find my art tools, for example my IndexFaner.

My own Bullet Journal is shown onInstagram. In contradition of Irene's Bullet Journal, I'm more of the minimalist style. Stickers are good, but I prefer to draw my own.

I can be reached on virksomhedens Facebookpage or on Instagram. You can also contact me at, or send me a message at +45 2570 1918.

About Handwritings

As hardcore Bullet Journalists we understand the frustrationer that may occur when you buy stuffs from international webshops - the waiting time is almost unbearable! Therefore we decided to establish this webshop.

Handwritings  was established in december 2018, with Bullet Journaling and planning as the core. We have focus on matching the quality and function with fair prices. Our product range are mainly Japanese and American, but there's also some special cases. Keep an eye on our webshop and do not hestitate to contact us, if you miss a product or two.

Our values

We import many different products in limited amount and variations. It is important for us to secure the quality of everything we send out. Many of our products can only be bought exclusively at Handwritings, while some premium brands are available for purchase, because we love them as well!

Our mission is to constantly widen our product range with the products, which are designed to the endlessly-changing Bullet Journal market. We strive to deliver the best service before, on-going and after your purchase, so feel free to contact us, if you have questions or suggestions. We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Handwritings society

In Handwritings society you can share your Bullet Journal with other, suggest new products and get soeciety discount on special occassions.

This society is also a place, where we post our products, which are not on the webshop for various reasons. It could be because a notebook has no packaging, damaged under transportation or products, which don't live up to our standard quality. We promise 100% transparancy of the products. So unless it's written otherwise, the return policy is appicable as if you buy from our webshop.

Have you done impulsive shopping or you have tested a product, which you don't use? We would like to encourage you to make use of same Facebook group to sell and exchange your stuffs. Maybe your stuffs can useful for someone!


We would like to hear your opinion, so that we can improve your experience, when you purchase your orders. We highly appreciate your words at Trustpilot.

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